“Shiny New Object Syndrome”

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

My experience working with the Collision Repair Industry has shown me all too many cases where staff members are ever burdened by what I’ll call the “Shiny New Object Syndrome”. They are always looking at and for the next new product, bit of software, or program, to save them. Some of them have many very nice new tools, loaded software and are operating on some programs that just haven’t worked out the way they had envisioned. The items are setting on a shelf, the software is loaded but not being used fully, and the program is just kinda lukewarm.

I believe that the diversion aspect of these instances completely draws the staff members attention from the real situations they are going on. Most Collision repair facility environments are not ready for the benefit of the advancement, they cannot introduce nor implement it, and would not be able to sustain it.  Yet they love it, go figure !!

A better way

would be to spend serious time in study of the work environment and the current dynamics.   Operate with due diligence to be realistic in gauging the benefit before going after the “Shiny New Object”. It is so much about being universally ready for it.  In this way you will make the most efficient and most productive use of it.  Invest time in determining the best overall fit into the workflow.

The key to the success of any addition, adjustment or change is in the preparation to being prepared for it..

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