“Thermometer or Thermostat ?”

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

In my interactions with collision shop staff members I find that many come to work and read the temperature of the workday through the environmental thermometer. The obvious conditions of that morning set the stage for their day.  What ever plan they had for the day while driving in is drifting away.  This could be one way to greet the day or would it be better to set the temperature to create the climate desired to work in ? It is totally within their control as long as there is commitment and action.

As the above may resonate with you realize that control and leadership is lost at those times.  Often well intended and necessary tasks are mismanaged while guiding the ship on through the day. Soon this becomes the norm.  These staff members would love to set out a clear plan and get through it yet they wind up being a fire fighter or in chaos management. I referred to this in a recent marketing effort labeled “Firefighter or Architect, which are you ?”  This is a situation.

Now unlike the uncontrollable weather that determines the climate we live in every day you have some control to produce the business environment and the climate you work in. Sometimes there is a need to reset the thermostat to a comfortable level.  You, are able to design the day to be fulfilling and productive by setting the thermostat for the desired and/or engineered outcomes.

Set your thermostat

Your climate is your culture and you are responsible to set the stage for predictable and repeatable repair expectations by actively designing the outcome through it.  When you do your job as the commander of your surroundings and are engaged in your actions you will lead change and not be a victim of the temperature.

Get some altitude over your job duties, be the “Architect” of your surroundings, SET your thermostat for success and watch transformation begin.

To the control of your environment !!

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