Who Is Stan Mitchell ?

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

Hello, my name is Bill Sefcek and I created Stan Mitchell Enterprises as a vehicle for me to work with Collision Repair administration and  Technicians.  In this arena, I can help them help themselves reach their personal and professional potential.

I started in the Collision Repair business at 15 sweeping floors and observing shop operations and repairs. I spent the next 18 years in a couple of independent shops, a couple of dealers, a car crafting company and tried my hand at ownership. I loved most all of it and I will admit I found ownership to be the most challenging.

I got married at a young age, started a family, divorced, got married again and realized I needed a little more stability and security in my life. I found through a customer, who was also my Insurance agent, that the company he represented could use my skill sets in the effort to discover and deal with fraud and misappropriation in estimating internally as well as externally.

It was only a short time and I was managing a team of Estimators and found that working with the repair industry from that vantage point was personally rewarding, at times challenging, and that I enjoyed it very much. I spent the 26 plus years managing the company’s “Strategic Relationships” with the Collision Repair industry in Cleveland, Youngstown and Columbus Ohio. I have been very successful working to bridge win-wins for both industries interests and needs.  Most recently I have been conducting in house quality and environmental audits working with technicians on the quality of tool to task efforts.  I also have been conducting OEM certification audits raising the criteria for expected repair quality.

For the love of the game with my best regards, I stay in it.

I retired in 2011 to introduce Stan Mitchell Enterprises as a coaching, consulting, advising partner to the collision repair industry dedicated to a higher standard. With access to associate resources that are dedicated to the same, we can become a trusted authority to Collision Repair Technicians. I will work to bring together the physical environment, internal operational/workflow environment, the recognition of human resources and building a focused culture.

For the love of the game with my best regards, I stay in it.

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