Is it in the knowledge or in the application?

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

I like to speak from my experience and find that today my thoughts led me to execution and performance as it relates respectfully to our widget makers, repair technicians, I love them all. It has been my experience that in most every case where there is a question relating to the quality of a repair procedure there are obvious signs giving merit to the question. When brought to the attention of the responsible technician, again, in most every case they understand why the question exists and agree with the signs that give it merit.

Well, without getting into the various reasons for the failure to meet a standard I find that in most all cases with full understanding of how it got that way it is also clear what could have been done to produce the highest quality result without defect. It is extremely rare also to find a technician in the industry that cannot differentiate and cite to you those points in detail. Invariably the root of the situation is not in the knowledge of what was the right thing to do but in the, scratch your head why, application of that knowledge. While I fully agree with and support training and staying up with the state of the art techniques I find less attention and discipline given to the application of said knowledge as well as the consistent execution for it once learned.

Quality control has been tossed around for many years now and seems to be somewhat confusing when confronted for discussion. It has been like forever that if and when someone critiques the work of another and where there is true merit to do so offense is taken to the mention of it. With that then comes the reason, excuses, hurt feelings, fingers get pointed and rarely is the opportunity taken to fix the issue or issues underlying the resulting deficiency. Learning from a less than satisfactory product result and fixing it is what quality control is all about. The best and most successful QC program is the one that is no longer needed because you have worked through and taken action opportunities brought to you through the critical reviews. This is a good thing!

Stay with it

As stated above I encourage pro-active training and state of the art understandings for procedures, products and tools stay with it, however, I must say too that in most every situation it is not in this training that the trouble lies but in the application of the knowledge, the demonstration and execution of the what was learned that is behind the failure to deliver. As shop owners, administrators and technicians I would ask that you work diligently on the in house root causes for circumstances and situations that cause less than satisfactory results in the quality of your work and correct them.

I am in strong support for the business of fixing the business of fixing cars. It will take all of you in the organization to do this and you can start with the application of the knowledge you have now. It is in the application, the application, and oh did I mention it is in the application of knowledge that makes the difference and sets you apart. I know you know this – just apply it !

To your knowledge!!

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