“It’s always so HECTIC around here!!”

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

We find in the collision repair industry that most, the higher percentage, of owners/managers don’t have or make time to sharpen the saw or gain perspective as a leader.
They gauge their value and contribution through the level of immersion they maintain in the daily operation. Honorable yes, but they cause themselves and others great amounts of unnecessary stress.


“If I look at it honestly, for myself it’s all about me – it satisfies my need to feel needed, it comes easy for me, and it is way more fun to get caught up in it than to do all that other stuff.”

As with any entrepreneur and leader, or hired in manager their value comes through being the director of output with your eye ever on the procurement of steady input. their value is in the mastery they have for control over all aspects of product delivery, the big picture, and NOT in how much they can contribute to the completion of a repair.

If they try to be both the leader and the widget-maker things can be worse. They can’t know it all – their involvement in production could actually inhibit progress because the staff is conditioned to wait for them and the company growth will stagnate because they’re not engaged. An unfortunate reality once one enters the leader zone.


I believe you have to back away from the work and observe the whole of your machine. Focus on recognizing the systems applied to each aspect of production. Do you have recognizable systems or standards in place ? Study how it’s done and the people doing them. Is it being done right ? Is it being done by the right people ? and Is it delivering the right result ?

Answering these questions will be a full time job, if you need one, and taking the time to gather and act on the answers will deliver AWESOME results of increased production and employee satisfaction. The ROI of this can be tremendous. You are most valued when you assure the saw blade is sharp and you solidly have perspective or let’s call it altitude over the machine. Remember no else maintains focus on the big picture but you !!!

In my blog consistency over intensity, I talk about an approach to change. The idea in this current message is to make studied and necessary adjustments to systems of standards operating in your business right now, TODAY.

Doing this will free up time and “UN-HECTIC-IZE” the day for you.

Long story short: as the leader, you are responsible for and your value is in your proficiency for maintaining employee satisfaction and the production of your machine in the delivery of the product promise you made to the customer. (A lot of you is in there I know…)

NOW what truly needs to be done as the leader ?? 



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