“Consistency over Intensity”

Written by Bill Sefcek

Jun 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

In all of business when we think about change and making a change we are faced with the question of implementation. Collision repair is no different. How do we get there? First, we figure out where we are at then we look to where we want to be, right? In that area between the two, there are the steps we need to take and grow comfortable with on the way to the realization of the change and it is about the people !!

Think about it this way: When most people get into fitness they’re ALL ABOUT IT—hitting the gym (or track or exercise class or trail or whatever) hard for a couple hours, feeling all revved up about life and their extraordinary commitment to really crushing it this time.

That commitment lasts right up until the next morning when they’re so sore they can’t get out of bed. OUCH!

So, the idea is this: It’s WAY better to simply put on your shoes, head out and do a nice, mellow workout CONSISTENTLY time after time then it is to go all out and then never go back.

Consistency over intensity! Make the change, make it as simple as possible, and work to deliver on it consistently. A little all the time and over and over will get you there.

(Of course, it doesn’t need to be either/or consistent or intensity but, if you’re not consistent yet, focus on that before you go for all the marbles.)

NOW what needs to be done ??

Get after it!

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