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An industry-related podcast put out to and for you, the quality-minded technician.

Crash Optics Vlog Ep11 – DCR Systems

Podcast Episode 11This weeks video blog talks about the DCR Systems way of doing things. https://www.dcrsystems.com/ https://www.dcrsystems.com/careersDCR Systems Building Blocks Learn and understand some of the core building blocks DCR Systems utilizes to make a...

Crash Optics Vlog Ep10

Podcast Episode 10Crash Optics Episode 10 Bill Wraps Up With an After Interview Pow-Wow with You The Quality Minded Collision Technician. Bill goes over the some further fine points of you the technician seeking a quality operation to become part of, and that you...

Crash Optics Vlog Ep 9

Podcast Episode 9Having a technical issue with the video displaying inside the site? Click HERE to watch this great interview on YouTube.Crash Optics Episode 09 Interview with Michael Giarrizzo, Sr. of LJI Collision Center Sit down with Bill Sefcek as he interviews...

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Blog talk about relevant topics in the collision and automotive repair industry

“Consistency over Intensity”

In all of business when we think about change and making a change we are faced with the question of implementation. Collision repair is no different. How do we get there? First, we figure out where we are at then we look to where we want to be, right? In that area...

“It’s always so HECTIC around here!!”

We find in the collision repair industry that most, the higher percentage, of owners/managers don’t have or make time to sharpen the saw or gain perspective as a leader. They gauge their value and contribution through the level of immersion they maintain in the daily...

Is it in the knowledge or in the application?

I like to speak from my experience and find that today my thoughts led me to execution and performance as it relates respectfully to our widget makers, repair technicians, I love them all. It has been my experience that in most every case where there is a question...


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